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Lanuss LSG-WB800

Wet Sanding Polishing Machine

The Lanuss LSG-WB800 is designed to streamline operations, it ensures continuous feeding for seamless processing, meeting even the highest order volumes. Experience unparalleled consistency in workpiece treatment, surpassing manual methods with superior surface finishes.

The machine significantly reduces processing costs per unit area, making it a cost-effective choice for your business.

Safety and environmental consciousness are at the forefront. With advanced dust absorption features, it prioritises worker safety while enhancing the overall work environment.


Safety and Environment Protection

Safety and Environment Protection

The dust absorption process helps to achieve a
safe working environment for users

Improve Product Quality

Improve Product Quality

The consistency of workpiece processing is excellent, delivering surface treatment results that far exceed those achievable through manual methods

Cost Saving

Cost Saving

The cost of processing workpieces per unit area is much lower than that of manual processing

Improve Production Efficiency

Improve Production Efficiency

Continuous feeding during processing helps meet the demands of order volumes seamlessly


The Lanuss Wet Sanding Polishing Machine operates smoothly, ensuring optimal surface treatment for your workpieces. It utilises two sets of high-speed sanding belts to achieve precise No. 4 processing. Sprays are strategically placed before and after each workstation for efficient cold processing, while a simple cleaning and drying unit at the outlet ensures flawless workpiece quality.

Feeding materials is a breeze with rubber rollers and conveyor belts, providing secure clamping and smooth feeding. With a minimum processing length of over 280mm, even small workpieces can be accommodated using specialised tooling. Plus, you have full control over the feeding speed, thanks to stepless adjustment via frequency conversion, ranging from 2 to 11 meters per minute.

Environmental responsibility is paramount – the machine features a 304 stainless steel automatic paper belt filter to effectively capture grinding dust. It also ensures eco-friendly production by providing circulating grinding fluid. With the Lanuss Wet Sanding Machine, achieve impeccable results while prioritising sustainability.

Lanuss Polishing Sample


Technical Parameters
Working Width
Processing Thickness
Dimensions (LxWxH)
2150mm x 1500mm x 2150mm
Weight (kg)
Minimum processing size
>280mm (Small workpieces can be continuously fed or fixed with tooling)
Processing Products
Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate, copper plate, plus other kinds of non-ferrous metals
Power (kW)
Sand Belt Size
Φ 1910mm × 800mm
Sand Belt Line Speed
12 m/s
Machined Thickness Adjustment Precision
Grinding Consumables
Sand belt

Available widths: 450mm, 800mm, 1000, 1350mm & 1600mm

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