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Bodor iTrans Tower

Automatic Material Storage System

The iTransTower is a fully automated loading and unloading system, helping to save significant time and labor. Finished workpieces are automatically returned to the tower, enhancing workflow efficiency. With double unloading pallets, it ensures fast circulation, while advanced features like automatic sheet splitting prevent loading multiple sheets at once. Its sheet metal detection function ensures precise material handling throughout production.

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Material Detection

iTrans gives a warning when no sheets are detected on the material pallets.

Flexible Layout

The loading module is suitable on both the left and the right, achieving flexible on-site layout methods.

Automatic Sheet Separating

Lifting the corners of sheets first, avoids loading multiple sheets.

Dual Display Screens

One screen for controlling the system and another for high-resolution internal monitoring, facilitating real-time oversight of machine operations.

Fast Loading

Continuous loading time reaches as short as 110 seconds.

Automated Loading and Unloading

Fully automated processing of loading and unloading, saving time and labour.

Bodor iTrans Tower

Pallets of material are loaded onto the iLoader platform via the preferred method of the customer. When ready and with the touch of a button the iLoader picks up a sheet of material and moves it onto the cutting bed. With the use of high-powered vacuum suction cups and robust rotating arm the iLoader seamlessly rotates the material into position ready for cutting. Once the cutting table is exchanged the skeleton is manually removed from the cutting table and the iLoader is ready to reload the empty cutting table.


Working area
3000mm x 1500mm
Module dimensions
10000mm x 8500mm x 2600mm
Operation method
Touch screen
Maximum loading weight
Minimum thickness of the feeding plate
Maximum height of finished sheet:
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