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Laser Machines LM1000S

Deburring and Grinding Machine

Equipped with a wide-width sanding belt and rotating brush roller, the LM1000S Deburring Machine offers a multi-functional approach to deburring. From laser cutting to plasma cutting, flame cutting to stamping, our deburring machine handles a variety of metal processing tasks with ease, eliminating slag burrs and imperfections formed during the fabrication process.

Whether it's aluminum plates or metal sheets, our Deburring Machine is engineered to deliver exceptional results. It excels in pre-grinding surfaces, smoothing pores, and rounding edges to perfection, leaving behind a flawless finish.

With its innovative Delta PLC system and controller, this machine ensures seamless operation and precise control over the deburring process.


  4 Stage deburring for deburring and rounding off edges for high-quality finished parts.

1 - Grinding

2 - Slag removal, deburring

3 - Chamfering/rounding of edges

4 - Final finish/polishing

  Delta PLC system and touch screen programmable controller

  Programmable grinding limits

  Rotating brush stations

  Air suction on conveyor belt

  Quick release of sanding belts for easy and quick changing

  Centrifugal extraction fan and ducting

  Transfer rollers and support table

  Automatic conveyor height from 1mm-80mm thickness material

  The roller brushes provide consistent and thorough rounding of sheet metal edges by rotating across multiple axes


Technical Parameters
Weight (kg)
Overall dimension (mm)
3200 x 1800 x 2300
Grinding belt motors
11 & 15 kW
Lifting motor
0.75 kW
Alternating power
Alternating speed
0-35 r/min
Electric appliance
TR (Canada)
Drum Rubber roller diameter
Roller brushes
x 4
Specification of roller brushes (mops)
Belt specification
1020 x 2100mm
Spindle speed
0-1000 r/min
Conveying speed
0.5-14 m/min
Host power
2.2 & 2kW
Conveying mode Belt Lifting stroke
Max machining width
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